How to Not Use a Powerpoint

I liked this video because it stated clearly everything that I really cant stand in a powerpoint. I actually have alot of problems with powepoints. I feel as though teachers or students use powerpoints as a way out, as a way to say that they really were just being lazy so they didn't really want to plan anything. Well when I think of powepoints that is what I now think of. I do believe that powerpoints can be an extremely awesome tool if used right. If a teacher is wanting to have important information stated and shown or funny side notes/videos or pictures that can go with the lesson then I think powerpoints are great. But when teacher is reading off word for word what the lesson is then I feel as though it is the most pointless teaching and I might as well have not come to class. As a teacher I will take the advice from this video to make sure my powerpoints are effective when they are neccessary to use or can benefit a lesson I've prepared.

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