I now count my days as successful or not by the way my classroom ran for the day. Last week I felt like I was the crazy teacher who disciplined way too much. Well I did some life reflection during fall break and I already have seen a change in the relationships that I'm building with my class. Today was a success. I only had to tell 3 kids to pull their cards, and not a single kid pulled their card more than once. On top of that, one of my problem children was a perfect angel today. OH my. I was giving him class tickets left and right (Class tickets are what I give out as a token for good behavior. The ticket automatically goes into the bucket for the drawing that occurs every morning. The prize= a piece of candy)
I was never so pleased to pass out tickets as I was today.
I do this thing where I tell the kids directions as to what I want them to do. While I'm talking they are sitting still being active listeners.. I then tell them to smile like some sort of character, hold up an invisible camera and when I say cheese they are good to go. (Characters I've been using: Zombies, Vampires, goblins... Justin Bieber) They flipped out about the bieb and as a punishment I started singing Baby. Best reaction I could have gotten.
Oh please. Don't act like you're too good for the Biebs.
Friday is 80s day. Can't wait to see the little guys dressed up.

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  1. I love you.

    I'm coming in my 80's wig. No lie.

  2. love this! I love hearing about your class! I love the reaction to the Biebs.