Field Work and Technology

Over the past few months I've learned everything from creating my own website, collaborating on google docs, how to blog effectively, how to create podcasts and vidcasts and how to make my own WebQuest. Now I am headed out to see how I can apply this information that I've been taught to teach the students who I will be working with.
So What?
Now that I am going out into the real world of teaching and going out to be around the kids that I've been going to school for I am realizing how important it is for me as a teacher to be up to date with technology. I walked into the classroom where I will be teaching and realized how advanced in technology the school was. Each desk had their own mac computer. They had a nice projector with speakers. I realized that I wasn't stepping into the same type of classroom from when I went to school, I was stepping into a classroom of the future, or what use to be the future. These students might have more knowledge about technology then me. That is what I realized and that is when it hit me that I need to know, I need to be up to date and current with the change in technology.
Now What?
Now as a future teacher I've realized my duty to my students. I need to be prepared before I step into the classroom, as well as being a lifelong learner. I can't just stop at what I'm learning now, because as the years pass by technology will only become more advanced. I need to be wise and choose the tools that will best educate my students, as well as help them to learn the core curriculum. I need to know that technology is everywhere and that it will benefit my students to know as much as they can before they are thrown out into real life circumstances.
I hopefully will have students who not only will understand the information, but will be able to help me learn as they discover something new. I can take advice from other teachers, as well as look at examples from the internet of what other advanced classrooms are participating in.
The future lays in the hands of our teachers and how they will prepare the children for the future. By being up to date and a life long learner then I will be able to be more beneficial to my students then just sticking to what I already know from the past.

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