I Am What I Learn

At the beginning the boy talks about how he can acheive his dreams and that is by getting an education! I strongly believe in this. Dreams are thing that we have to wrok towards, and to work hard you usually means you're becoming more educated. I am a strong believer in giving it your all when it's something you really want. If you don't have that mind set then I don't believe that it really is a dream that you're shooting for!
Often times we may look at people and say "WOW! They really have it all, they are so lucky" That is true they may have it all, or they may have something that looks ideal to us, but that is because they worked hard to get that!
As a teacher I want my students to understand the importance of hard work and shooting for your dreams through determination and through sacrifice! They need to understand things aren't always going to just be handed to them, and the things in life they will appreciate most will be through their hard work in their education.

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