Digital Story 3

This past week we have done the touch ups to our digital story. We chose the topic of poverty and decided to divide it into three parts. First we wanted to attract our audience by showing them the luxeries of our lives and then move into what poverty looks like and the lack of every day necesseities that we take for granted. The hardest part about this was finding music that could flow together and then fit each of the pictures that we are trying to display.

I still believe that a digital story would be a good way to get the students interested in a subject and change their way of thinking. By touching a person's emotions you can draw them into almost anything if it's powerful enough. To be powerful it has to fit together, with music, voice, pictures and through words. Hopefully I can find enough digital stories on youtube that will be able to support my ideas, but if not I can always use the digital story to introduce the topic I feel important and want my students to find important as well.

In my life I use digital stories all the time to connect me closer to a topic that I'm concerned about or that I would like to know more about. Sometimes they are happy and help me to be more ambition, and other times they are sad and make me want to somehow find a way to make a difference in our world. I think digital stories can go anyway depending on what you really want to make clear. They can strike fear, happiness, anger, sadness or even leave you questioning what it meant so you are willing to do further research on the idea. In my life right now I feel as though it's important to start putting together a folder that can hold all of these, so when I come to that subject in school I'll already have options of digital stories to pick from.

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