2011! It's my Life and It is NOW or NEVER

It is 2011. That is so exciting to say... Why? Because I'm going to make things happen this year! This year I am finally going to go on a humanitarian trip and leave the country! Right now it seems so far away and so unreal, but I have such a strong desire to do so that I will make it happen!! This means picking up another job on top of the one I currently have and also on top of school!
I have to earn 2500 dollars by May atleast to make this possible! Is it Possible? ABSOLUTELY!
To the Right is a picture of where I my travels will take me and hopefully I will be able to make it up to the left to the lovely land of Thailand! WOOOO!!
So right now that is what I've decided to do with my life!
I only have a few months so I will be sending out alot of letters and working my butt off! The end result will be victorious!!

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