Retiring of the underwear

How long is too long to keep a pair of underwear? Well I asked Destry that question the other night when i realized my most prized undies were becoming quite worn and holy! She replied with something like this "I get quite attached to my underwear too and find myself wearing my favorite pairs for years!" Well this is what it came down to. Who's your daddy underwear! Received at the age of 16 from my friend Elyse Adamson. Current age: 23! That is a long time to keep a pair of underwear my friends. But the thing is that those undies were more than just a a regular pair, they were a confidence booster, a pair of comfort and a pair full of memories. This past week I promised Destry I'd retire the old disgusting things after I wore them one last time, so I did and once the day was over I quietly and sadly made my way over to the trash, bid my undies farewell and returned to my bed with a sigh of anguish. I will always and forever remember each time I wore you my dear undies for you brought alot of joy over the years! Never forget who your Mommy is!

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  1. HAHAHA! I remember picking these out! I will try and find some more to replace the best gift ever!