It's the Holiday Season

This Christmas I had the idea of doing really nerdy Christmas pictures to send to Caleb on his mission... WELL it seems to be a bit of a success! This was one of the most fun photo shoots I've ever had with my family! MERRY CHRISTMAS From the Shepherds :) 

Was honored that we were graced with the presence of this lovely fam!
John, Pattie, Devin and Kaitlin Moss

Mom and Dad working their best Christmas look!
Mom always says dad is the grinch of Christmas... Grumpy hat fits him perfect then

A little white garage backdrop! Love my lovely sister Heaths

Grandpa and Grandma Moss were good sports! HA so out of grandma's
comfort zone... They looked adorable :)

MERRRY CHRISTMAS from the Shepherds
Typical look! WE are ALL dorky..

A little holiday fashion shot!
Ha my uncle was happy to see how all these pictures
look in real life! 

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