podcasts and vidcasts

Currently we have spoken about podcasts and vidcasts in class and how they are useful in teaching and as a current student. Both of these tools are beneficial as a student to be able to document assignments visually and be able to use for presentations. In vidcasts you can video yourself teaching a new subject or use for instructional purposes for a take home assignment. Right now in my life i'm able to use both these tools to document my life and keep a record or a journal to resort back to in the future. Also it's convient to have the access to youtube to view almost any sort of thing that I'm interested in.
In the future of me teaching I'll be able to resort to this for instructional purposes and also to help students learn how to teach vocally and be able to present projects visually so they can put more personality into what they are presenting. Not only do I think this will be beneficial for the students to learn how to use technology but also so they can work on their people skills and presenting skills. If you start them young then in the future they will know how to present themselves in interviews and in professional settings.
I will also use this podcasts for instruction to parents so they can understand how to help a student with a take home project. If a student is sick or out of class I can use this tool to present a new lesson we learned. I will require my students to make instructional vidcasts and podcasts, as well as fun ones to help the class get to know their personality better and help with their creativity. This will make learning more exciting for the students. They will be having fun and learning the core material at the same time.

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