Reflection (Technology Articless)

This past week we researched different ways that we could use technology in the class room other than what we are taught in class. I found that I would like to have the kids explore outside of the classroom to be able to communicate with students they did not know from other schools. I chose instant messaging and google groups. I chose instant messaging for them so they can invidually communicate with a student and practice communication skills one on one. Where as I chose google groups so they can participate in group discussion. I will coordinate with the teacher different curriculum they can talk about and also allow them to be creative and learn to communicate and come up with conversation on their own. I feel as though both these tools will help the students expand by learning a little more about people their own age who don't live in their same state. This will allow them to learn similarities about them and see what is different.
I think as a teacher as well that this could be an effective way to communicate with the students while not in the classroom. I could set aside each day or week where I am online and the students can get on if they have any questions about their assignments or things going on in the classroom. Also this could be an opportunity to communicate with parents as well. I look forward to experienting with these tools and seeing how effective they truly will be.

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