Final Exam Week

This semester has opened my eyes to all the different ways to use technology and apply it in the classroom and in my own individual life. Now with the final coming up I've found it fun to be able to take the tools I've learned about this semester and apply them as if I were already a teacher. When making a flier or a brochure to send home to parents it was fun making the project creative and catchy to the eye so the students would be excited about bringing the letter home to their parents and the parents would take the time to read what's going on in Miss Becky's class. With all the tools that I've learned about I feel as though my education these next two years will have more excitement to it. I don't have to stick to just the plain old Microsoft word. I can experiment more with google tools and be sure that my information will be saved forever. Another thing that I realized was that I was excited when I was working on my final project. I was excited about being a teacher and being able to apply everything that I am learning now as a student into a classroom full of learning and fun. I feel as though I will now know of more ways to think outside of the box and help my students learn technology and learn how to communicate with people half way across the world, that way their eyes will be more open to opportunities and what they can achieve as a student. I can say that I love google tools and know as a teacher I will be using this program, because ever since I learned about it I've been using it in my own life.

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