Tool of Choice

This past week we have had the opportunity to take all of the information and tools we've used and show what we would do with them. Since it is the Holiday season I chose to make a flyer on google docs to advertise the school Christmas fair. I found that the information I've learned over the past semester really will help me in my own classroom. Considering there will be alot of newsletters to write, flyers to pass out, reminders about assignments or parent teacher conference, or blogs to follow, I am glad that I now have a knowledge on how to use these tools so I can be more effective as a teacher. I love having different tools to acces, because now days I don't get as bored when do projects. I try to jazz up my projects and it doesn't take me forever to know how to edit the paper or make it more appealing.
In the future I know I will be using the different tools I've been taught, and I actually look more forward to using technology in the classroom.

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