Do You Believe in ME?

This video is true to how life really is! If you have just a little bit of hope for you or for someone else, that may just be all that it takes to change a life! I have had a few times in my life that I just didn't really want to continue with a goal I had or a task that I was working at, but with the encouragement from a friend or from a family member I was able to push forward and with that belief in myself I was able to accomplish amazing things! When I'm a teacher I wont always be aware of my students deeper needs! That is when it will be important to always show my students how much I care about them and how I believe in them! If you truly can believe in each of your students and help them live up to their potential I have no doubt that you wont see miracles happen. The kid says it himself that they need us to believe in them. As a teacher I hope that my main focus is to help each one of my students succeed and to be able to truly see the potential they have and what they can do to change another person's life or simply to just change their own!

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