President Obama's Speech

I really liked this speech by Obama to students because of how direct he was. In it he tells the students how they have an important responsibility. As Americans they have a duty to their education and to learning as much as they can. He pretty much tells the student's it's up them. It is up to them to choose to learn and to choose to be successful. They can't depend on their teachers or parents, because no one can force them to learn. 

I would use this video to help my students understand their duty to education. Hopefully by hearing it come from the President of the United States it would help them understand how important it really is to learn. I feel as though me as a teacher I have a duty to give the best education I can to my future students, but if they aren't willing to learn and aren't willing to cooperate then their is nothing more I can do than my best to get them excited about learning. 

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