Elder Shepherd!

My little Bubby is currently in Housten Texas serving a Full-Time mission!
Caleb is seriously one of the most tender hearted people I know. Growin up he always had the most tender heart. He loved animals and would cry if anybody hurt one. We couldn't watch much of the discovery channel  with him in fear that we'd come across an episode of lions eating wildebeasts!  Although he was a total terror towards me, he always had such a sweet spirit! Now as an adult he has just one of those sweet spirits that is so sensitive to others and is so patient with others! He is a huge example to me in my life of looking for the good in others and loving everyone around me!
Right now he is having a little bit of a hard time getting use to the mission and is going through a little depression! Being my little brother I have been really worried and sad for him, but what excites me about this experience is the growth that he will do during this time. I know Caleb has so much in store for him and that heavenly father is helping him grow into that valiant servant that he needs. He just needs all the prayers and support that he can get right now to get through this challenging time! But I know that he has such a desire to serve that he will push through this and become even more amazing then he already is!
I Love you Caleb!

Pics from his mission!

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