Love is sparking everywhere in Provo and although I don't have a "Lover" I am soooooo happy on v-day! I love everything about it! The colors, the candy, the hype of it and I am actually happier when I'm not on a date on this day! Last night I did spend with the Lovely Brando Shepo. He called me about 5 o'clock and informed me of his travels south! So he arrived and we went to dinner at T's Diner (Brandon said it'd be the least crowded place in Provo) He was correct! The place was disgusting... I love french fries, but this place put tooook my most loved junk food to the depths of despair!
After dinner we went back to Dan's and Shreds so they could Digest (Must be a boy thing) and then we went to classic Skating! (20 people on the rink)
Ha V-day never is full of roses and chocolates for me, but I think honoring Love is still a wonderful thing! I got to reflect on all the love I have in my life and I realized I am a very Lucky and loved girl!
Wont lie I did get treats from the beautiful Nicole Wait, Destry VanWagoner and Jed Merril!! Bless their tender hearts!
Happppy V-day one day late!

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  1. HAHAHA! I always loved it better when I was on a date too! I love this Valentine's Day! Cam can always be your lover if you are in need!!