Int the year 2010 two girls met on a small campus where EFY children from all over the south come to strengthen their testimony and build relationships with other latterday saints.
 In the land of Gainesville Georgia Ashley Kay Sant and Rebekah Rene Shepherd met for the very first time.
YES it sounds like this is quickly turning into a love story where they met and from the moment they laid eyes on each other they knew it was true friendship.
It took a whole year for these two girls to get where they are at now.
I'd like to thank the Sant family for allowing me to stay in their home for a week this summer.
Because of our moments sharing a bed. Playing with the Sant dog Becker. Going to multiple stores looking for a khaki skirt. Laying out by the pool EVERYDAY. Going out to eat. And Picking Cody up from Football
There two girls quickly became the best of friends.
After our magical week of just chillllin we returned to the place where we first met with a whole new image of each other.
I love everything about EFY in the south. The weather. The people. The youth. AND the friendships that I have made.
I will forever be thankful for EFY in Georgia because of the friend that it gave me.
I LOVE Ashley Kay Sant. 

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  1. waittt, did i just get teary eyed? yep. nbd. so happy about our summer time we had together! good thing we get to be reunited tonight or this would be a lot harder to see! i love you becks!