Easter Bunny Dad

Easter this year was fantastic.
A) Mom doesn't love us being old. (OR maybe she just hates the fact none of us have given her grandkids yet... That's Michael and Heather's job)
With that being said she gave us a spectacular Egg hunt. (Jack pot) I pulled up to our lovely home in Layton to find Daddio outside with his basket, still in his church clothes but with big white tennis shoes on. He was being the Easter bunny. I was laughing so hard at this sight. Love that man.

B) Mom made a whole schedule. Egg hunt, Baskets, Dinner, Resurrection eggs, Easter Vid, Dessert and then chill with the fam. She was so stinkin cute and made our little fam party exactly what I've been wishing for for years. (She knew it'd please me)
C) I love our Savior so much. We watched the Lamb of God vid on Sunday and my heart was full of gratitude at the fact that we all have someone who suffered the most extreme pain for the love he has for each of us. I want to have just a glimpse of that love in me to even imagine the love it took to suffer for the sins of the world. I am so blessed to know of the healing power of his atonement!

ANYways... I love Easter, I love the eggs, the pastels, the bunnies, the resemblance of new life and all the cute little baby like things! 

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