NICOLE Erin Wait... I mean Johnson

SO I do not do these birthday logs... but I find that Nicole being one of the most important people in my life I can find a little sentiment in my heart.
Well two years and a month.5 ago I began the journey with my Best Friend 1.5.... SO we called each other for months. She had this other best friend that got in the way... and vice versa!
WELL quickly I change that tittle to bestie 1.25 and within moments I was sure that she had one main title (BESTIE #1)
Before this girl I had not experienced so much time on vacation lock down with one person and not gone crazy. Our vacations together quickly caused a complete obsession on my part.

WELL Let's take it... back to the beginning and list all the reasons why I AM obsessed with Nicole Erin.

We share the same musical Love. John Mayer, Billy Joel, Chicago. (Well we feed off each other atleast and what she likes I like).

She is always down for anything. (I don't even think she wanted
to go to the Jazz game... She just went because I was obsessed).

She's all about making other people happy and going above and beyond.
She LOVES her friends.

She finds joy in every single holiday! She seriously finds joy
in the small simple things

She is HOTT... but more so than that she is
THE BEST travel buddy I've ever had. Being in Hawaii with her
and assigned different rooms really put me in a rut. 8 hours apart at night...

She is hilarious.... NEED I say more?
Does not matter where I am at with this girl, but she
is able to make me laugh. Her humor is easily one
of my favorite things about her.
(I put humor with this photo, because you killed me on this

She lets me do her hair.... ok and why this makes me obsessed with her
is the fact that she makes me feel important. (She is great at finding your strengths and
making you feel like a million bucks... my braids might not be that great, but Nicole
always made me feel like I was a guru at hair)

She loves sugar. Want a treat... Call Nicole.
I love that she loves everything about being a little kid.

She always makes sure she is taking care of herself.
While I'm killing myself with the UV rays Nicole is thinking about
her grandkids and protecting herself. 

SHE will goof around all while being spiritual.
I have never had a friend who cared so much about the gospel 
and has been a bigger example to me of a disciple of Christ.
She has an incredible testimony and seriously shows that by the
way she interacts with others and by the way she lives her life.
I can say that because of Nicole I have gained a stronger testimony of the gospel.
As cheesy as this sounds... I honestly believe she was sent to be my friend 
for a reason beyond what she might see! 

What? I love going to disney with family and other friends, but
with Nicole it doesn't get more special. She loves its as much (IF not more
than I do) 

Nicole is one of the most gorgeous friends I have ever had.
She is not high maintenance... and sometimes she's just in her tie dye t...
BUT I have never seen a girl pull off anything the way Nico can.
I don't know if it's the fact that she is the whole package that makes me
classify her above any celebrity, but she is soooo naturally beautiful

Nicole will save me in a heartbeat.
If she knows that I am down, she will be there in a second.
If she knows I need help.. SHE wont hesitate to be there.
When she knows that I have something important in my life happening
She is one of the first to congratulate me or lift me up after disappointment.
She honestly cares more about people than any friend I've ever had.
She's taught me what it means to be a true friend. 

She loves to laugh.
Nicole IS so much fun to be around. whether she is in her peppy moood
Or just being her sarcastic self Nicole will always end the night by
making you laugh. Even if it has been after an hour of tears. 

RIGHT here shows how much I love her.
When she got engaged I was an emotional wreck.
Yeah... I am beyond happy that she is married, 
but a friend like Nicole rarely comes around and 
just the fact that she is part of my life and Luckily Shaun allows her still to be
is one of the greatest blessings I have ever had.
I LOVE YOU Nicole. And even though I'm an idiot and forgot your 
birthday for one.5 seconds I want you to know
that you still mean the world to me!
Thanks for being THE most incredible friend I have
ever had and Thanks for caring so much about me.

THE journey of our friendship does not end her! ALLELUJAH. So I hope you have the most wonderful birthday... BUT Guess what... It's not over... You still have to have your birthday celebration with me!
SO Happy early birthday might I say.

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