25 25 25

As you're walking into the grocery store, through the school halls or strolling through the park you at times are lucky enough to spot the glistening of a shiny quarter placed ever so nicely beneath your feet. When do you pass by a quarter and not pick it up? NEVER EVER because the options in the toy vending machines are endless (sticky hands, friendship rings, little frogs, a handful of chicklets, tattoos, cheesecake flavored bubble gum...etc)

Therefore EVERYONE loves themselves a quarter and there my friends is why everyone loves a human that is a quarter (considering I'll be living til I'm 100)
Year 25=Greatness

So cheers to a new age

My birthday was a success
 My students threw me a huge Birthday party that they spent 2 weeks planning. I am one lucky teacher!!!!!
 They even called up my brothers and invited Britt to the party! Love my family and friends
 AND of course I ended up at Texas Roadhouse for my birthday lunch. We LOVE that place.

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