Adventure Club

For the past few years my friend Nicole Erin Wait Johnson seems to believe that I'm too big of a dreamer. Well I like to go and do. When I want something, I'm going to go do it. After all a few years ago I convinced her and Parks to travel to the great island of Hawaii with me for 2 weeks.
The key now is to seek out people who will participate in my adventurous life with me. After all doing things with a friend is ALWAYS 10 times better. (Well almost... If they aren't Debbie Downers) 

So this year for one of my resolutions I decided to go with picking up a new hobby. You can say I'm in the process of finding one right now. So with my friend Britt, we are on the search of a new hobby... Or hobbies.

Adventure #1

Rock climbing at the Quarry may have not been the biggest success, but we sure did have fun for the hour that we were there :) 

Adventure #2

 Didn't realize we were going to find a frozen waterfall at the end of our hike! Hike=Success. Snowshoeing=HUGE success.

Snow Shoeing.... Well I think we nailed it with our new favorite winter activity! Snow shoeing was beyond what we expected. Britt and I already enjoy hiking... so pick your favorite summer hike, throw some snow shoes on and Shabam, you've got yourself a dream! 
We were lucky enough to have a little tour guide named Rico lead us up the trails to Stewart Falls. I believe I have now done that hike in all 4 seasons and winter has been my favorite yet!

ADVENTURE #3.......
Possibly cross country skiing, aircraft sighting or even crater snorkeling... (Gotta get certified on SCUBA)

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