My Ideal Classroom

Organization- Bins where students know to turn in papers, organized sections of the room for computers, learning centers, science, geology, math, art, etc. My classroom will be filled with hands on learning tools, It will be warm and welcoming with a positive vive from the way it appears. There will be life in the classroom. It will be bright with sunlight and colorful with the students work. It will be cozy at the same time so the children will have a place to go to feel comfortable. There will be a corner filled with books and a wall covered with the children’s aspirations and dreams.

My students will have positive attitudes about learning because they will be excited about it. I will make each subject seem like the most exciting thing they could be doing at that moment, but at the same time the kids will be learning everything they need to know. They will come into the class each morning with a smile on their face and ready to listen.My students are going to be enthusiastic, self disciplined and eager to learn. They will be courteous of each other and respectful. My students will be fun, outgoing and each individual personality will bring something special to the classroom. When they are having a down day they will not affect the class because they will know how to change their attitudes.

The parents of my students will be cooperative with what is going on in the classroom because they will be well informed and each have the opportunity to have a teacher-parent relationship with me. I’ll be willing to listen to their comments and always be able to give feedback to them. They will be extremely pleased with what is happening in the classroom and with the knowledge their children are obtaining. I won’t have problems with the parents because of the communication and relationships I will be willing to build.

My colleagues will have respect for each other and for their students as well. We will be able to work with each other and combine classes because we will be open minded and able to learn from each other.

My classroom is going to be a place where the children can come and start developing their personalities into the way that will bring them success and joy. They will find it a place where they can build and achieve goals and realize that they can achieve anything they set out to do. We will use blogs, chat, skype, etc. The kids won’t be left behind in a technological way. We will be able to use the computers with each subject we’re learning.

My main teaching technique will be to teach the children that hard work pays off and to nail it in their heads that each one of them can do anything they set their mind to. They will do outstanding in their academics because they will believe in themselves and find joy in being successful. I will teach them how good it feels to do their best and how rewarding it is to follow their dreams. Also in my curriculum I will let the students discover on their own how with each subject they have the capability to connect it to their own personalities and their own way of thinking. There won’t be limits to how the children learn as long as the work is getting done. Our main goal as a class will to bring a positive attitude to the classroom each and every day.

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