Reflection #3

I found in class this past week how useful powerpoints really can be. When trying to get across to a kid I try to think back to when I was a kid and what caught my attention. One of the things that really got me to focus was color, music, visuals. Something that was a little bit more flashy then plain old black and white documents to instruct me. So when thinking of ways to help the kids remember I will use powerpoints to catch their eyes. This will be one of the sources I will resort to as long as I make sure their is something in the powerpoint to really grab the student's attention.
I do feel as though powerpoints can be overused, so I would limit the amount of times I use them for instructional purposes. I will also find it really useful to require my students to be able to use powerpoint when it comes to class reports. This way when they get up in front of the class there will be visual and organization. I have found alot of advantages with using powerpoint through my education, I feel that now there is even more you can do to bring excitement to the classroom with this tool.

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