Reflection 2

I currently discovered the beauty of googl calendar. When I first accessed the link I thought that it seemed ok, but didn't really see myself logging on all that often to check out my agenda. I figured that using a written planner would still be more convienent. After reviewing the details and after the first text updating me on my schedule I realized that this tool not only will be amazing in my everyday life, but also in my future classroom.
I have found myself throughout the week not forgetting where I need to be or to do an assignment. Google calendar has kept me on top and on task.
When I have a classroom I will require the students to access their google calendar daily. They will be required to fill in their calendars with their daily schedules and tasks they need to get done as well as being able to view all the events and homework that will be going on in the classroom that week. I will also use google calendar to keep the parents updated with what is going on with their children's schedules. I feel that it will be the most effective considering flyers can go missing easily when kids are taking them home.
I will also use it with others teachers to keep updated with their schedules and use it to remind them of combined class activities.
I feel as though this is going to be extremely beneficial to the classroom and help make it move more smoothly and especially keep the students and parents on track with my schedule.

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