Reflection #7 Picasa

Picasa is amazing. I love how you can take the pictures and do pretty much anything to them. My favorite feature I found was the focal Black and White. I found myself playing around with this on my pictures alot because I found it to enhance the pictures, especially the photos that were more scenic. Picasa makes the pictures look better by just the click of a mouse. It also made it alot easier to be able to just publish it onto your blog and to have the easy html so I can publish it onto facebook or any other websites.
After learning about digital cameras and how I can apply those into my classroom, this tool has made it even more exciting to think of what I can do with my students. I plan on using this and requiring the students to be able to manipulate their pictures for their projects when I require them to take photos. I will also be using blogs and other class websites so that way they can just use the htmls to be able to link them back to me. I know I will be using this program in my classroom and also in my personal life to make my blogging a little more exciting.

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