Reflection (Video)

The world of video technology is amazing. You can use this tool not only for entertainment but also for educational reasons. Zamzar is a great tool to be able to be able to copy videos to your computer and use in the classroom. I have found that being able to just copy it to your computer you're able to attach the videos to websites alot easier. I'm excited to use videos in the classroom to be able to help the students have more of a visual experience.
I also found that virtual technology has always been super exciting. I remember as a kid anytime I had the opportunity to use virtual technology I would spend hours doing so. In the classroom having the kids virtually tour a subject they are studying would make the topic so much more exciting for the kids and having that technology would help them understand far more.
I hope that there is more video technology and virtual technology in the future and that I will be able to find ways to incorporate both into my classroom.

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