UEN REFLECTIONI have had a hard time figuring out exactly how to use this UEN website, but once I got the hang of it all I found that this can be extremely beneficial to my classroom. The fact that there are lesson plans already laid out for me for each of the core curriculum. I know especially within my first few years of teaching I will be extremely overwhelmed trying to be creative, but with the layout of UEN I will now always have a place to resort to.I really liked how there were links for all of your core curriculum and within those links lesson plans for each subject. The access to it was easy and once I was inside the links there was so much information offered. The layout was done nicely as well with the different standards and objectives within those standards. Pioneer Library was an interesting site. I liked what it had to offer though. It was nice to be able to search through the website and know that all the information I was finding was reliable. Before I really start using it in my classroom I would need to become a little more educated on it so I know exactly where to look for information. I did like the searchasaurus within it. I found it to be cute and useful for elementary students.
This assignment was a little time consuming and confusing at first, but I'm glad I participated in it and was able to discover the websites for myself. When I'm lost and have to find my way, that is when I'm able to do the most learning and really discover new things. I am excited to have this new tool for my future classroom.

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