Caffine and Teaching

So I've always heard that a big gulp of Diet Coke is a teacher's best friend, but little did I realize the truth behind the need for caffine before I became a full day teacher! No I do not drink a big gulp of Diet Coke, luckily for me crystal light decided to put caffine in their delicious strawberry mixture! So yes to curb my appetite and give me the energy during my past few weeks as a teacher I have turned myself over to that!

What I'm realizing everyday as a teacher is how much I love it and how perfect of a job teaching will be for me! I go to school and hangout with kids for 8 hours straight and there is never a dull moment. I get to go play with them at recess... I get to go to PE with them, we go listen to the librarian read books, I get to hear all the cheesy jokes the kids have, I see the drama developing amongst the 5th grade girls and realize that kids can be so rude, but so endearing at the same time, the kids love me because I'll joke with them and play with them (and probably because I'm not the person who disciplines them yet)! But I do love the sass that my class has to offer me and I love playing with them and teaching them as well (Even though they can be brats)

AHHHH I only have 2 days left of field and all I can say is thank goodness I get this experience or I might have dropped out of the program last semester after my kindergarten guidance class that made us clap and sing songs for an A!

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  1. You are going to be the best teacher! Kids always love you! That would be the funnest job ever!